About Rubiyat

Rubaiyat Catamaran is one of the many famous Spronk designed catamarans of the Caribbean and the first original build of Peter Spronk.

Originally designed in the 70’s, this schooner rigged catamaran is legendary like all Spronk designs. Mainly known for their lightness and speed, having been built with specially designed plywood from the Netherlands. A unique innovation and proven a spectacular formula for these agile speedy yachts.

All Spronk designs are famous for having won many major Regattas since they were built. Out sailing by far many yachts, hours ahead of all, they are fun, fast, sleek and beautiful to watch.

Rubaiyat Catamaran only recently sails the waters of Aruba and is the most unique and prestigious addition to Aruba’s charter boat fleet.

So, what better way than to experience sailing upon one of these fantastic creations yourself, it is a dream come true.